Ruffle Shorts | Mustard

$18.00 $10.00

Guaze shorts with ruffle detail

Run small in the waistline, size up

Available in bright pink, mustard and taupe 

These are made to be loose fitting in the leg

6-12m (fits like 3-6m)6-12m (fits like 3-6m)
12-18m (fits like 6-12)12-18m (fits like 6-12)
18-24m (fits like 12-18m)18-24m (fits like 12-18m)
2-3T (fits like 18-24m)2-3T (fits like 18-24m)
3-4T (fits like 2-3T)3-4T (fits like 2-3T)
4-5T (fits like 3-4T)4-5T (fits like 3-4T)
5-6 (fits like 4-5T)5-6 (fits like 4-5T)