Elise | Mustard Peplum


The perfect year round top

Great for layering over in fall and use it in the summer too! 

Runs small, size up (unless your child is very petite)


6-12m (fits like 6m)6-12m (fits like 6m)
12-18m (fits like 9-12m)12-18m (fits like 9-12m)
18-24m (fits like 12-18m)18-24m (fits like 12-18m)
2T (fits like 18-24m)2T (fits like 18-24m)
3T (fits like 2T)3T (fits like 2T)
4T (fits like 3T)4T (fits like 3T)
5T (fits like 4T)5T (fits like 4T)